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Between restricted and advocated is a midpoint worth exploring: viable innovation. Our rethink2innovate™ workshop helps you shape a viable innovation process that fits your organization.

Rather than consume time and resources on drawn-out cultural change, leadership development or maturity assessment initiatives, we invite you to rethink with us and fast-track innovation in your organization. Rethink’s 4.5-day rethink2innovate™ workshop will:

  • Shape a viable and flexible innovation process that fits your organization.
  • Employ our patented method for customized ideation and problem-solving.
  • Apply the Art of Relevance to achieve responsive and targeted outcomes.
  • Initiate our 5i-Strategy™ for achieving distinct and sustainable innovation.
  • Create a foundation for building knowledge and practice communities.

Rethink offers training in:

  • Rethink’s 5i-Strategy™
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • The Art of Relevance
  • Strategic Innovation Planning
  • Innovative Project Management
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Action-based Workflow Design
  • Evolving Communities of Innovation

Rethink offers individual and team coaching and personal mentoring to further advance innovation proficiency in your organization.