As Rethink’s first client, two innovative perspectives hold true: question everything and be curious. I challenge everything to ensure finding the best solution. I don’t accept “No.” “Maybe” is OK. A challenge is finding the innovators. It requires recognizing individuals who thrive on change and innovate.


Working with Rethink, we realized innovation requires a lot of heart. It has to be a priority and requires commitment and discipline. Innovation requires inviting, hearing and combining different points of view from others’ experiences. The need for leadership remains true, avoiding being too serious so creativity can flow. Most of all allow and hear another’s voice.

Financial Services

Rethink challenges people to think about how they can apply innovation to reorient and overcome change. Rethinking is a personal responsibility. Rethinking is about being observant and continuous learning. Rethinking is about shifting change to be something more familiar. We need to apply it to ourselves and be ready as change comes in bigger and more frequent waves.


Changes in healthcare and education required us to find new ways to align, support and grow. Rethink’s sessions combined creativity and passion to establish a shared vision, strategy and direction. We now have the capacity to be more agile and relevant and respond with innovative solutions. We embrace the belief that how you view the world drives how you change it.


I remember framing exercises led by Rethink to vision things differently.  The importance of those creative activities and framing our vision remain true. Innovation has to be a thread through navigating customer information and developing your customer focus. The approach requires looking at things differently versus following a predetermined process. To be more innovative requires being more agile, having the ability to see opportunity and relevance and respond sooner.

Product Development

Bringing industry knowledge, can-do attitude and attention to understanding our organization resulted in an approach tailored to achieve success, while gaining the respect and trust of the staff. Bridging the gap between business and technology with expert advisory and technical adeptness helped launch us into the 21st century. We realized the value of a more efficient, intelligent and innovative technology approach.