Volume 1 / Issue 4

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Opportunity solutioning workshop for Product Managers, incorporates my patented ideation method, AI, and the analytic power of Wizsm™ Coming, October 2024.


Project and Program Management coaching for individuals and teams, as needed or by subscription. 



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Made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally, especially as a copy of something natural. Source: Oxford Languages.


The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Source: Oxford Languages


Artificial Intelligence (AI), a term coined by emeritus Stanford Professor John McCarthy in 1955, was defined by him as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. Source: AI-Definitions-HAI.pdf (stanford.edu).


Human Intelligence is a mental quality that consists of the abilities to learn from experience, adapt to new situations, understand and handle abstract concepts, and use knowledge to manipulate one’s environment. Source: Human intelligence | Definition, Types, Test, Theories, & Facts | Britannica


I grade AI a “C”. In my opinion, strip away the hype and AI is about 30-40% of where it should be or at least where expected, with some exceptions, such as Sembly AI and SupportLogic. AI can perform and fast-track routine tasks. Like humans, AI can inform, learn, apply, and assess. Humans can readily interpret, reason, adjust, and innovate. Humans are also capable of emotional intelligence versus the simplicity of sentiment analysis. AI and humans may be bias, misunderstand, and misjudge. For me, AI is a revealing agent that can present information faster than I find it.

I use Sembly AI team assist and ChatGPT for scenario analysis. I plan to investigate Coveo. I’m sure there are other promising AI solutions available and on the way. I welcome your thoughts on the topic at len@rethinkinc.com (use subject DRINK Issue 4).

In the spotlight

Gil Makleff, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Sembly AI

Harnessing AI for Enhanced Team Member Delivery and Team Collaboration

What is artificial intelligence in the context of our corporate environment? AI goes beyond a mere ‘buzz word’; it is a force empowering individuals and organizations by producing tangible outcomes. It draws upon a vast knowledge base with unprecedented efficiency, contributing to any task.

For instance, when writing, AI can improve the quality of content, elevating an average piece into an exceptional one. AI acts as an invaluable teammate, lifting the value of work items and enabling individuals to achieve their best without dramatically changing the level of effort.

The Project Management Office (PMO) is at the heart of project management, responsible for driving efficiency, streamlining processes, and ensuring successful project outcomes. AI offers a myriad of opportunities to enhance the capabilities of PMOs, empowering them to navigate complexities with precision and agility.

By leveraging AI-driven tools, PMO’s can access a wealth of project data, generate actionable insights, and make informed decisions, leading to improved project performance. The seamless integration of AI into project management workflows enables PMO’s to harness the full potential of technology, driving efficiency, and delivering impactful results.

When my co-founder and I founded Sembly AI our firsthand experiences in the corporate world drove us to focus the company on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of working teams in areas that we observed were so challenging throughout our careers as consultants to corporate operations and technology groups. We honed in on the contribution of meeting effectiveness to successful outcomes.

How do meetings drive your team’s actions? Team meetings are critical, but they’re not always effective. Without effective management, especially in post-meeting activities, meetings can fail to deliver the desired outcomes, leading to wasted time and frustration. We identified meetings as a significant area in need of improvement.

Sembly AI is a platform that not only provides meeting content summaries and actions but also insights related to its usage in addition to connectivity with other applications critical for working teams like Slack and MS Teams. With its advanced features, Sembly not only brings project teams together but also enables them to tap into a wealth of collective ideas and expertise. After the meetings, participants can use a Semblian chatbot powered by AI, to showcase important ideas raised in meetings, fueling the creative process and driving innovation.

Furthermore, by combining AI with structured methodologies like the ID eight (ID8) process, or Project Management Institute (PMI) methodologies AI accelerates idea generation and decision-making. The result is a dynamic and productive collaboration, where teams can unlock their collective intelligence, foster creativity, and propel project success.

The following statements are from team members at a leading competitor in the Program Management Office (PMO) consulting business globally, MI-GSO | PCUBED, about Semblian: “It adds a non-biased party to all my meetings from a different perspective… I use it to automatically draft an email after a meeting is concluded and ask Semblian to analyze the conversation for risk, challenges, action items, and any unfinished business and include it in the email it generates.”

With AI-powered task-tracking, Sembly enables you to turn discussions into concrete actions, seamlessly and see activities, tasks, and project ideas accurately identified for every meeting you attend. Also, Sembly has introduced the ability to invite an automated “agent” to attend meetings in your place — in other words, proxy attendance that enables asynchronous communication.   If you are double booked or need to attend an important event and don’t want to miss out on important meetings, Sembly can provide you with meeting insights when you free up in minutes to the hour.

I believe in the transformative potential of AI, and I see how this technology can optimize meetings and elevate their outcomes. It is a win-win for working teams to elevate the delivery allowing team members to focus on the important things and key areas of focus while allowing the AI agent to cover the basics: who said what, what actions were discussed and when do things need to be delivered.  Empower your team to take action with Sembly Team – the ultimate solution for turning ideas into achievements.